Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Does Brody Have a Romantic Connection with...

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Does Brody Have a Romantic Connection with...

Lea Michele (Rachel) and Dean Geyer (Brody) recently tweeted about shooting a scene in Kurt and Rachel's apartment, and while Rachel did break up with Finn, doesn't it seem a little soon for another post-pizza and champagne make-out scene?

Then again, judging by the nature of the tweets, it sounds like something else could be going on. After all, Chris Colfer's Kurt is there too.

Besides, Lea herself said in her interview with The Hollywood Reporter that, Brody will probably be giving Rachel some time to sit with things after her breakup with Finn.

"Brody is understanding of what Rachel needs to do with Finn but he definitely is also on his own path."

But could Brody have a different kind of romantic connection coming up? Lea also shared her thoughts on Brody's relationship to Rachel's dance teacher, Cassie July.

"Does Brody have a romantic connection to Cassie (Hudson)?
'(Laughs) You'll see! I had a feeling about that from the beginning. How it works out is unlike anything you can imagine; it's pretty awesome.'"

There is this strangely cryptic photo of Kate Hudson's Cassandra July tweeted by Glee creator, Ryan Murphy. It does seem like a romantic setting, doesn't it? Plus, there is the little spoiler tidbit of Brody acting as substitute teacher for Rachel's dance class...could there be more behind it?

How do you think "it works out" between Cassie and Brody? And are you rooting for Brody and Rachel, or are you a Finchel diehard?