Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Brittany's Having Troubles

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Brittany's Having Troubles

From what we've gleaned from Glee spoilers so far, a lot of our favorite couples are in danger of splitting at some point in season 4...but will Brittana be one of the couples in jeopardy? Naya Rivera (Santana) makes us think Brittany and Santana may be in a safe spot for now, based on a recent tweet of hers:

“Early morning back at McKinley for some sweet serenade time with Brittany.”

Even though this gives us Brittana fans hope, it doesn't change the fact that Santana is moving on while Brittany's still stuck at McKinley. (E! Online recently reported that Heather Morris was shooting a scene "face down sobbing on her bed, presumably because Santana is no longer in Lima.") Aw!

Sounds like Brittany definitely needs some cheering up of the serenading kind. But what's going to cheer Brittany up when, you know, Santana's not there? Yep, you thought right. Her idol, Britney Spears, as Glee co-creator and writer, Brad Falchuk told TVLine:

“['Britney 2.0' is] one of the funniest episodes we have done,” declares exec producer Brad Falchuk. “Brittany is having some troubles and Will and Emma come up with a plan to [cheer her up].” But whereas the last Spears-athon “inspired her and brought her out of her shell, this time it backfires in a very bizarre way,” teases Falchuk.

TVLine assures us that all bodes well in the end, so you can go ahead and wipe the sweat off your brows, Brittany fans! Besides, Brittany's Senior Year Part 2 could turn out as well as Part 1 - Brittany's running for class president again this year, and showrunner Ryan Murphy said over Twitter that her opponent this time will be, drumroll...Blaine! Hey, somebody's gotta go for it in Kurt's honor (though hopefully with less unicorns).

Who gets your vote for McKinley class prez this season, Blaine or Brittany?