Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Are Kurt and Blaine Getting Back Together? And Will Someone Get Pregnant?

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January 11, 2013

So what’s the Twitter latest from Glee creator, Ryan Murphy? Oh, nothing much. Just that two couples might be getting back together. Oh yeah, and one of ‘em might be pregnant. Wait, what??

That’s right, on Wednesday, January 9, Ryan tweeted this big whopper of a spoiler to Glee fans:

Okay, so that one sort of rules out Klaine. But, this other tweet of Ryan’s sure doesn’t!

Guessing that means the big Wemma wedding. But does this mean that Kurt and Blaine are one of the couples getting back together? The wedding is around Valentine’s Day….

What do you think, what two Glee couples would you like to see get back together – and who might be preggers?

Source: Ryan Murphy via Twitter

  • Rachel Berry

    I’m just gonna say that since Kurt & Blaine and Brittany & Santana are gay and Will & Emma didn’t break up, it’s pretty likely that Finn and Rachel will run into each other at the wedding or something and then by accident, Rachel will get pregnant. Then her and Finn will get back together. If you add all the clues together it makes sence. I guess that’s what I want to happen but it’s possible that it will.

  • amy

    i bet emma will be preggers

  • KurtsgotaBP

    Kurt’s pregnant. DUH

  • Rebecca Dumesny

    Its not Rachel. Lea has stated that its not her

  • Jess Leeming

    Well I think Kurt and Blaine will be getting back together(I hope!!) Along with Finn and Rachel. So I think Emma is the one who is pregant.
    I like the storyline which ‘Rachel Berry’ suggested. But overall Im not bothered so long as Klaine get back together. Xx