Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Will Quinn and Santana Hook Up Again?

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February 28, 2013


Were you as surprised as I was to see Dianna Agron’s Quinn and Naya Rivera’s Santana get together in episode 14, “I Do”? I’m not gonna lie though, it was kind of awesome. So. Will there be more Quintana in Glee‘s future?

Sadly, not so much. According to Michael Ausiello:

Question: I will Smurf whatever pull I have with the big Smurf in the sky to rain blessings upon you if you deign to tell me if there’s more Quintana coming up on Glee? —Rob C.
“As of this writing, no. But there’s a lot of Season 4 left.”

Well, darn. While we might not be seeing Quinn and Santana go there again in the near Glee future, would you like to see something more develop between their characters at some point? (Especially considering Quinn said she could see herself in New York?)

Source: TVLine

  • L

    i think they need to revisit quinn and pucks friendship, it just seems like they leave things unfinished all the time, or they go forward with a friendship and then quinn backtracks massively and there back at square one…it doesnt make sense, and i thought they were trying to show quinn’s character growing yet in thanksgiving she was so rude and dismissed him immediately….it wasnt what i expected after the season 3 finale

  • Tanya Marcy

    I’m with you, @1db324ef3d1781747a690a5814eedbde:disqus! Glee never really finishing anything it starts, lol. That’s one thing I did like about this new Quinn-Santana development in “I Do”. With the whole Brittany-Santana going on, it always felt like Glee completely forgot about Quinn and Santana’s dynamic way back when. Even though it may not be in a way that agrees with everyone, at least they revisited their friendship, which I enjoyed. It made sense. But I agree, Glee never really fully addressed Quinn and Puck’s relationship in a way I would have liked to see. :( Maybe a topic for a future episode? Hopefully, anyway.