Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Will Gets Sick, Who Takes Over the Glee Club?

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Will Gets Sick, Who Takes Over the Glee Club?

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Updated Spoilers! According to Michael Ausiello at TVLine, Chord Overstreet (Sam) tells us that when Sam and Blaine take over the glee club, part of the "fun" they'll be orchestrating has to do with the glee girls deciding to do the Spice Girls!

“[Sam and Blaine] kind of take over the glee club for the week and make assignments for the girls and guys to do.,” previews Chord Overstreet. “So, the girls decide to do a Spice Girls number, which it amazing. Jacob [Artist] does a really awesome dance number. I can’t say who it’s by, but he absolutely killed it.”

What kind of number do you think the guys will be doing?

Jeez, Will. First you go running off to chase your dreams for a bunch of episodes, then you get sick? What gives? (Or is he really just calling in sick, to go after Emma?) Either way, according to TV Guide, in an upcoming episode Will is out with the flu - so who takes over the glee club this time? (Hint: It's not Finn.)

"[Sam and Blaine] take over the glee club and start teaching because Mr. Schue goes out with the flu. We kind of take a week to just have fun," Overstreet said. Let's just hope that Sam and Blaine aren't also forced to wear those drab vests and button-up shirts.

Nothing like some Slaine! to get us through more of a Will-less choir room. Oh, who are we kidding...Will, by the end of this season we're going to have trouble truly missing you.

What kind of "fun" do you think Sam and Blaine will have planned for us and the glee club when they take over for Will?