Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Will Brody Get a Solo?

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November 2, 2012

With Brody (Dean Geyer) filling in for Rachel’s (Lea Michele) dance instructor, Cassandra (Kate Hudson) soon on Glee, here’s hoping for some more “sexy” Brody-Rachel dance action, right? Or at least some more of this action. OMGlee.

Really though, we can probably expect to see a lot of Brody dancing in season 4 episodes to come. But Dean Geyer tells Wetpaint Entertainment that so far up until where they’ve shot, Brody hasn’t sung at all. Say what??

“…you know what? In the upcoming episodes I don’t have any songs. They need to give me my solo; I’m waiting for my solo!!”

We’ll be waiting for that Brody solo, too. Dean says he’d sing “anything”, but what would you pick for him, if Brody got a song all to himself?