Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Who Will Have a One-Sided Crush?

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Who Will Have a One-Sided Crush?

You may be wondering what's up with the behind-the-scenes Glee photo of a Sam-Brittany wedding, depicting Chord Overstreet and Heather Morris in what can't be mistaken for anything other than matrimonial garb. When Glee creator, Ryan Murphy shared the photo on Twitter, he dubbed it, "The wedding of the year".

While we still don't know if Sam and Brittany are really getting married - or why, if they are - there's another spoiler about the two that might make even a pretend wedding between them make a little more sense.

Question: What’s the story behind the Brittany-Sam wedding photo that Glee boss Ryan Murphy tweeted last week? Are they getting married? —Rich
Can’t confirm a wedding. But I can confirm a one-sided crush.

Knowing that Brittany is still reeling after her breakup with Santana (Naya Rivera), it sure might seem that Sam would be the one with the crush. But hey, who knows.

So, do you think Sam (Chord Overstreet) will have the crush on Brittany (Heather Morris), or will Brit have the crush on Sam?

Source: TVLine