Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Who Subs Rachel’s Dance Class for Cassandra July?

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October 17, 2012

Rachel (Lea Michele) may have gotten off to a rocky start with NYADA dance teacher, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) – especially once Kurt told her Cassie’s Broadway past and Rachel got a little mouthy. But it’s all good now. Sort of.

According to TVLine, Rachel will be “less than thrilled” when a certain someone fills in for Ms. July. (Wouldn’t Rachel welcome a break from her psychotic hard-to-warm-up-to dance instructor?) What’s even stranger is that Lea revealed Cassandra’s substitute on Twitter, and it’s somebody Rachel’s already been warming up to:

“Shooting now with @geyerdean! Brody’s filling in for Cassie as dance teacher today at NYADA..”

Why do you think Rachel’s irked at the idea of Brody (Dean Geyer) subbing her dance class, and why is Ms. July absent in the first place?