Glee Season 4 Spoiler: What “Major Shake-Up” is Coming to New Directions?

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October 5, 2012

Michael Ausiello of TVLine reported this doozy in a recent spoiler roundup:

Ausiello: “A major shake-up is coming to New Directions. And I’m not referring to….”

The “major shake-up” he’s not referring to is Nolan Gerard Funk coming on the show to play Hunter, new lead Warbler at Dalton who will try to steal Blaine back. The scoop in question can’t be related to any of the couples just broken up in season 4 episode 4 either, since the fan asking for spoilers requested nothing “related to ‘Klaine,’ ‘Finchel,’ or ‘Brittana’”. So…what exactly is this shake-up?

Ausiello hints to us that it’s coming to New Directions, which is a lot more specific than the show in general. Could it have something to do with Will leaving McKinley for his new position? Or maybe it’s related to this new guy here. Make your guesses in the comments!