Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Sue's on a Rampage Again, But Why?

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Sue's on a Rampage Again, But Why?

Jane Lynch's Coach Sue Sylvester is known for her locker-slamming, hall-rampaging path of destruction on Glee, but since Sue found her motherly instincts we haven't seen "old Sue" in a while!

Don't worry though, Jane assures us that "old Sue" will be back soon.

"One of the kids uses a disparagingly remark — but in innocence, but I don't take it that way of course, to describe my brand-new baby and I just set out to destroy that person. So I'm back on the rampage."

Hey, who's the father of this "brand-new baby" anyway? Way back when, everyone was speculating about who the father would be and it hasn't been mentioned since! Jane also says that it hasn't even been mentioned in any recent episodes they've shot.

"We're on episode eight and it hasn't even been mentioned yet, so we'll find out," she tells [E! Online]. "I don't think the writers [know]. I don't think they've decided yet."

Does Sue's rampage have anything to do with this spoiler about Finn saying "something stupid" to McKinley's Cheerio coach? Seems likely. And when do you think we'll find out who fathered Sue's baby?

Source: E! Online