Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Sue’s in the Middle of Another Feud, She Blackmails…

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February 20, 2013

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Now that Will Schuester is back in business with McKinley’s glee club and Finn has been demoted (sorry, Finn), whoever will Sue target next? Blaine, naturally. But it’s not without purpose (as is the case with anything Sue does, right? Ha).

Jane Lynch, via Michael Ausiello, gives us the scoop on Sue’s new “feud” once Glee returns with new episodes in March.

“…I can also tell you that shortly after the show returns from its mini-winter hiatus, Sue will be in the middle of a feud with Blaine. ‘I’m blackmailing him to get back on the Cheerios,’ reveals Jane Lynch. ‘Because I want his ass on my Cheerios.’

Sue must just love having that Blaine eye-candy in her office (who wouldn’t, right?). What McKinley scoop do you think Sue uses to blackmail Blaine into rejoining the Cheerios?

Source: TVLine