Glee Season 4 Spoiler: It’s Glee Guys vs. Girls Again! More Mash-ups?

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February 1, 2013

Updated Spoiler! The “boys vs. girls” mash-up competition will happen in the upcoming Glee episode, season 4 episode 15, “Girls (and Boys) on Film”. You can read an early synopsis for the episode here.

More mash-ups, indeed. What kind of mash-ups this time, you ask?

This time around for the “boys vs. girls” challenge, Finn will have the glee club perform mash-ups featuring movie songs!

“…An upcoming episode of Glee will feature movie song mash-ups as part of another boys vs. girls challenge.”

What movies would you like to see the guys and girls mash together for their challenge performances this season?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Megan Michaels

    my heart will go on from titanic, everything i do i do it for u from robin hood prince of thieves, detroit rock city from detroit rock city, iris from city of angels, footloose from the movie footloose almost paradise from footloose, cry little sister from the lost boys, a hards day night from a hards day night, as time goe by from casablanca, moon river from breakfast at tiffany’s mrs robinson from the graduate diamonds are a girl best friend from gentlemen prefer blondes