Glee Season 4 Spoiler: How Does Sue Blackmail Blaine?

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: How Does Sue Blackmail Blaine?

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Way back when, we dug up a spoiler that Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester will be doing some digging of her own on a certain student at McKinley (Blaine, *cough-cough*) and using said "thing" to blackmail him into joining her Cheerios. So...what exactly does Sue use to blackmail Blaine?

Jane Lynch wouldn't elaborate much when she chatted with Wetpaint Entertainment, but she did give us some clues. Like...there's a duel. That may or may not include singing.

“It's one big thing,” Jane told [Wetpaint], “and they're having a feud. They duel it out. I won't say how — but there is a duel. Not with swords.

“Maybe they do [sing] and maybe they don't,” Jane says. “I will neither confirm nor deny that.”

Of course it would make sense that Sue and Blaine have a "singing duel" of sorts. This is Glee, after all. That, and, we kind of have a leaked set list including a number by Blaine and Sue. (Oh Jane...trying to be all secretive.)

But what "one big thing" do you think Sue will use to blackmail poor Blaine?