Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Does Will’s Plan to Get Emma Back Work?

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February 25, 2013

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Emma may have left Will standing at the altar in episode 14, “I Do”, but luckily E! Online’s got some Glee scoop that should help to ease the pain for all the Wemma fans out there.

“Will spends the next couple of episodes wooing his runaway bride the only way he knows how: with song. Need proof? Check out this photo from the March 7 episode. Will it work? All we can spill is: At the very least, it doesn’t make Emma run away again.”

E! also calmly assures us they won’t be turning Finn and Emma into a “thing” anytime soon. Thank goodness. Just when Emma thought the “incestuousness” of Glee couldn’t get any worse. How many times do you think Will serenades Emma before she’ll be ready to face him?