Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Burt Hummel Will Be in New York For Christmas, But He Won’t Be at…

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November 30, 2012

Kurt (Chris Colfer) may have been missing Burt during last night’s “Thanksgiving” episode, but lucky for Kurt he’ll be getting his dad for another major holiday this season!

As you might have seen from the spoiler photos, Burt Hummel will be flying to New York for Christmas to visit his son (and we suspect he’ll be taking a certain ex-Warbler along with him) – but actor Mike O’Malley says there’s one place we definitely won’t be seeing Burt during the holiday episode, “Glee, Actually”.

“‘I’m in the Christmas episode,’ [Mike] tells [E!]. ‘I get to go to New York.’ Any chance Burt will catch his son Kurt rocking the fashion world? ‘I don’t see him in action at Vogue. I don’t think they want Burt up in Vogue,’ O’Malley jokes.”

Darn, so that means any interaction between Isabelle (SJP) and Kurt’s dad is out of the question…. We’ve also seen and heard that Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) will be ice skating to a duet during the episode (and Kurt even hinted at it in “Thanksgiving”) – but what kind of scene will Kurt and Burt be sharing? Of course anything between Mike O’Malley and Chris Colfer is Glee gold.

Source: E! Online