Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Blake Jenner’s Ryder Will Get Emotional on Thanksgiving

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November 2, 2012

We’ll be introduced to Blake Jenner’s character, Ryder when Glee returns from hiatus, and while he’ll have a lot on his plate in general with “falling into” the glee club and his dyslexia, when he’ll really start to fall apart is during the Thanksgiving episode.

“When you’re dealing with glee club and Grease, you have to study lines and Ryder has to work very hard at it,” Jenner previews. “It hits a point where it’s a little too hard for him and all his emotions pour out like gravy on Thanksgiving.”

Whether these emotions have anything to do with a certain girl (Melissa Benoist’s Marley Rose), we’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving to see. But at least Ryder will have a mentor of sorts to guide him through his struggles in school.

“Ryder looks up to Finn and sees him as a role model and mentor and wants to try and be what Finn is because throughout Finn’s time in New Directions, he’s grown as a person and Ryder is a lot like Finn when he first started: he’s not clear on who he is just yet and has a lot of question marks in his life,” Jenner says.

Are you excited to see Blake’s mad emotional acting skills during Thanksgiving? Because it kind of sounds like Ryder might be “blowing up” a bit.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter