Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Kate Hudson, Wine for Two?

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October 18, 2012

On October 10, Glee boss-man, Ryan Murphy tweeted this photo of Kate Hudson (Cassandra July) in a dimly lit room, in bed…with two glasses of wine. Begging the questions, where is she, and who is sharing the wine?

It’s definitely looking like a a cozy – possibly even romantic? – setting…but it also kind of looks like Ms. Cassie July is plotting something, doesn’t it? Lea Michele (Rachel) recently tweeted she was shooting with Dean Geyer (Brody) and Kate Hudson, and then with Kate and Chris Colfer (Kurt) on a separate occasion. This snapshot does kind of look like Kurt and Rachel’s apartment (notice the brick wall?).

Kurt had offered his Vogue boss, Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) a place to stay if she ever needed it…might this be a similar situation? Or does it have something more to do with Brody subbing for Cassandra in an upcoming episode? Share your theories in the comments!