Glee Season 4 Spoiler: A New Student Transfers to McKinley!

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: A New Student Transfers to McKinley!

Don't get ahead of yourselves girls, it's not a Warbler (although I could do with a lot more Grant Gustin/Sebastian this season). *Although in your defense, there will be a new Warbler on the show soon! Check out this post here for details.

No, according to Zap2It and Michael Ausiello of TV Line, it's a military student who switches over to McKinley. Stop it, Ausiello, you're reminding us of Finn!

It sounds like the show is getting ready to introduce Season 4?s Big Bad. Ryan Murphy & Co. are on the prowl for an actor with impressive pipes to play an evil and dashing military-school grad who transfers to McKinley.

Prepare to meet the very handsome Peter Livingston, a high school student fresh out of military school. Producers are looking for someone pretty imposing to play the part -- he's got to be over 5'11" and have "gravitas." Peter is described as "handsome, evil and dashing," and he's got to have singing and dancing skills.

Peter will make his first appearance in episode 7 this season, and is set to be a major recurring role, so we'll definitely be seeing him more than once.

Who should play the role, and do you think he'll be as "handsome, evil and dashing" as Sebastian Smithe? Minus the gay, of course. Maybe he'll be like meets Sebastian meets Brody (Dean Geyer).