Glee Season 4 Spoiler: A Jake-Marley-Kitty Love Triangle?

Glee Season 4 Spoiler: A Jake-Marley-Kitty Love Triangle?

What does that remind you of? Or rather, who. Of course Marley's lusting after Jake, only to find out he's currently taken by Cheerio Kitty was totally reminiscent of Rachel, Finn, and Quinn in Glee's season 1. But we know the end of the story as far as Finchel goes (or at least, their first story) is there any hope in Jake and Marley ever getting together?

We don't know about that, but look forward to more Glee love triangle fun:

Jacob Artist confirmed to [E! Online] that yes, the love triangle that started in "Britney 2.0" would continue between Kitty, Jake and Marley. Snotty blond cheerleader versus the beautiful but quirky brunette? Sounds familiar, eh? But don't be too hard on Jake's bad-boy ways, because he's had a rough time growing up. "I think it's kind of stemming a little bit from his family life. He has a whole background that will be fun to explore as the season goes on that kind of justifies his behavior," Artist tells us.

I won't leave you die-hard Finchel fans hanging, either. Lea Michele was recently quoted saying that maybe Rachel shouldn't be going for Finn or Brody right now.

"I think it might be interesting to see Rachel alone for a while," Michele tells [E! Online]. "I think that Rachel and Finn are meant to be. I'm a Finchel forever fan, obviously, but I think it's interesting seeing her with guys. and I think Brody is a cool pair for her because he's really confident in his own skin and he's more like Rachel than Finn is, but I really think it'd be interesting to see her just single in the city."

What do you think, do Jake and Marley belong together? Should Rachel's heart stay with Finn, or should she move on...or is Lea right in thinking that Rachel should just focus on herself right now?