Glee Season 4 Song Spoiler: Will Rachel Sing Radiohead?

Glee Season 4 Song Spoiler: Will Rachel Sing Radiohead?

Glee boss, Ryan Murphy shared this behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter of Lea Michele's Rachel and Dean Geyer's Brody - with a caption that led us to believe Rachel could be doing a certain Radiohead number on the show very soon.

Based on what Ryan told TVLine at PaleyFest, I'm thinking that's not too far off the mark.

“I’ve always wanted to do that Radiohead song, ‘Creep,’” Murphy revealed at Wednesday night’s PaleyFest Icon Award presentation in his honor. “And [Radiohead] has been really lovely, saying that when we had [an appropriate] story, we’d talk about it.” Suffice to say that Murphy found the right arc in which to introduce the ditty, and got the band’s approval.

“Lea had to sing ['Creep'] — which is a hard song — for half a day. It’s very operatic,” Murphy went on to explain, while declining to say how exactly the tune is being utilized. “She was brilliant in it, as always,” he added. “She always gives her all to things like that.”

Judging by Ryan's tweet, it's probably pretty safe to say that the arc in question involves Rachel and Brody - and judging by the new (separate) twists with Rachel and Brody in "I Do", we know something has to come to a head at some point.

What do you think of Lea Michele/Rachel (and possibly Dean Geyer/Brody?) covering "Creep" by Radiohead?