Glee Season 4 Song Spoiler: Rachel to Duet with Cassandra July!

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November 7, 2012

Updated Spoiler! According to SpoilerTV, Rachel (Lea Michele) will duet with Cassandra (Kate Hudson) in season 4 episode 9, “Swan Song”.

Rachel (Lea Michele) sure has had her fair share of moments with NYADA dance instructor, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) – some not as pleasant as others, for sure.

Now, Lea tells us via Twitter that Rachel will soon share a duet with Cassie. Not just any duet either, a Broadway duet.

Which of course is what Lea does best. What Broadway number do you think Rachel and Cassandra will tackle this season?

Source: Lea Michele via Twitter

  • Francisco Rocha

    What is this Feeling from Wicked!!