Glee Season 4 Song Spoiler: Cast to Cover Another Fun. Song!

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October 26, 2012

Glee‘s cover of Fun.’s “We Are Young” last season turned out a major success for the show and the band when Glee creator, Ryan Murphy decided to write it into a season 3 episode.

“["Glee" music supervisor PJ Bloom] sent it to ["Glee" co-creator] Ryan Murphy, and within a few short weeks Ryan created what would become one of [the show's] pinnacle song moments of the entire series,” Bloom says. “For fun., ‘Glee’ provided a launching pad for much of the success to come. For ‘Glee,’ fun. allowed us to show the world we could be an A&R source and break a band. It was music business perfection.”

Now Ryan and his crew are incorporating another Fun. song into Glee this season – during episode 7, “Dynamic Duets”.

fun.’s recent single “Some Nights”, is set to be featured on this season of Glee. Watch out for the song to appear in the seventh episode of the series which is titled “Dynamic Duets”.

Who in the cast do you think will be performing “Some Nights” for their duet, or will it follow in the footsteps of “We Are Young” and be a full cast number?

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