FOX Renews Glee for Season 4!

FOX Renews Glee for Season 4!

When Glee's first thirteen episodes hit TV, Ryan Murphy and his crew weren't exactly sure if it would make it past that initial thirteen, or if it would be just that - a hit. Little did Ryan & co. know that Glee would go on to win hearts globally, and FOX's quirky dramedy still continues to be a smash hit after three seasons. So naturally, the thing to do would be to renew the hit show for a season 4.

Although, The Glee Project getting renewed for its second season might have been our first clue.... But in case we ever had any doubts, FOX president Kevin Reilly lays it out for us:

“Over the past season, New Girl has become the hottest new appointment series for young adults; Raising Hope has established itself as one of the smartest and most unique offbeat comedies on television; and Glee has continued its success as a genre-defying, global cultural phenomenon,” said Fox president Kevin Reilly. “All three of these comedies add a fresh and distinctive flavor to our Tuesday nights, and I’m really happy to bring them back to our air next season.”

As are we! Especially with what Glee has cooked up for us with some of our graduating seniors this year. What are you expecting from season 4, my Gleeks?

Be sure to catch the second season of Oxygen's Glee talent search reality show, The Glee Project this summer, starting June 5 at 10/9c!