Glee Season 4 Premieres on New Day in the Fall

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July 25, 2012

We’ve gotten used to our Glee Tuesdays in the fall for three years now – heck, even The Glee Project switched from Sundays to Tuesdays this season just to make it a little easier on us (one might have nothing to do with the other, but let’s humor my Gleeky mind for a sec here). Now we’ll have to get used to watching new Glee episodes on a different day of the week – Thursdays.

Glee has its season 4 premeire on FOX Thursday, September 13 this fall, right after Part Two of the season 2 premiere of The X Factor.

What do you think about Glee switching from Tuesday to Thursday nights, and what are you most excited about for season 4?

Source: FOX

  • Loliita

    The info is known since two months ago, and I think you guys already published an article about it… I don’t understand why you guys do an article again about the new day glee!