Glee Season 4 "Glease" Spoilers: Artie and Finn's Roles

Glee Season 4 "Glease" Spoilers: Artie and Finn's Roles

We can hardly wait until Finn (Cory Monteith) leads the New Directions to musical victory with their production of "Glease" Grease, but...wait a minute. Will Finn actually be in the play?

It's really hard to see, but if you zoom and squint, you can see him in this promotional photo (right) for season 4 episode 6, "Glease". Will Finn be performing alongside the New Directions...or this number maybe not part of the Grease production itself?

And guess who's taking up directing again? Kevin McHale (Artie) confirmed in a Wetpaint Entertainment interview that Artie will be directing Grease.

"He’s directing it and he needs some help so he gets to recruit some familiar
faces to come and help."

We're guessing those "familiar faces" have something to do with this other promo photo here. How 'bout you?