Glee Season 4 Finale Spoiler: Who Will Say Goodbye?

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April 22, 2013

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We pretty much know the gist of Glee‘s season 4 finale episode – that it will cover Regionals, read more about it here in our guide.

But did you know that, even though there won’t be a graduation in store at the end of this season, we’ll still have to say goodbye to a series regular? :( P.S. It’s not Finn.

“…a series regular will be saying goodbye to Lima. Here’s what we can tell you for sure: it’s not Finn (Cory Monteith). As previously reported, Monteith will be absent from the last two episodes of the season, but the intention is for his character to return in Season 5.”

Although, this could also maybe mean that the character is just saying goodbye to McKinley? What do you think, and what series regular might it be?

Source: Zap2It