Glee Season 4 Finale Spoiler: Episode Air Date Revealed! Plus, Will There Be a Season 5?

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March 5, 2013

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Glee returns from its short hiatus this week with “Girls (and Boys) on Film” on March 7, so we’re not even thinking about the season finale quite yet. We’re just happy Glee‘s back (yay). But FOX has just announced its schedule for season finales (including Glee), so we thought we’d share it with you.

Confirmed by Zap2It and E! Online, FOX will air Glee‘s season 4 finale on: Thursday, May 9.

So…how about that renewal? FOX has been picking up next seasons for its shows left and right, but what about Glee? While Glee boss, Ryan Murphy has said in the past that things would be looking pretty good for the show as far as moving into a season 5, FOX hasn’t really made a peep about Glee getting picked up for a fifth season. What’s the deal, FOX?

TV Guide might have a little insight into that, via Ryan Murphy himself:

“I actually have a meeting tomorrow morning at 11 where I have to pitch out not only the end of this year but the next year,” co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy told Wednesday at a Paley Center event honoring his work. “I think what I want to do — and I hope it is liked by the other people who control my paychecks — is… something that we’ve never done before. So, a different kind of storytelling — not what you would think.”

So is news of a Glee renewal on hold because season 5 hasn’t been fully developed yet? FOX exec, Kevin Reilly has said before that he could see the show taking place exclusively in New York – do you think this is a direction Ryan would (or maybe should) take?