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Glee Season 4 Episode 7 "Dynamic Duets" Spoilers: Blaine and Marley Turn to the Dark Side

Glee Season 4 Episode 7 "Dynamic Duets" Spoilers: Blaine and Marley Turn to the Dark Side

Since we know Glee's new episode this week, "Dynamic Duets" comes with a superhero theme, it's only fitting that Blaine's old Dalton Warblers would be referred to as, "the dark side".

We've heard that Nolan Gerard Funk's new Warbler character, Hunter will try to steal Blaine (Darren Criss) away from the McKinley New Directions during the episode - and even though we've also heard that Grant Gustin will be back soon as the evil Sebastian Smythe, what you might not have known is that Blaine will be coming face-to-face with Sebastian again during "Dynamic Duets". (Look out for a Finn spoiler below too!)

…if you’re a Klaine or Finchel stan, “Dynamic Duets” probably won’t be your favorite episode of Season 4, thanks to the total absence of the show’s NYC-based characters. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few small clues to consider while you’re burning off that second helping of pumpkin pie this weekend. For one, Blaine finds himself staring smack in the face of temptation (aka Dalton Warbler Sebastian) — without the slightest hint of flirty banter. And secondly, Finn seems more occupied with succeeding in his new gig as New Directions mentor than in mourning his lack of communication with Rachel.

This certainly fits with Glee creator, Ryan Murphy hinting that Sebastian's return would have nothing to do with going after Blaine - but do we really believe that Sebastian doesn't have anything to do with Hunter's plan to steal Blaine back?

As for Marley...she'll make a selfish decision that doesn't exactly win her any favors with one of the guys going after her (and yep, surprise! It has something to do with Kitty).

At the very end of this Thursday’s Thanksgiving-night installment, “Dynamic Duets,” Marley Rose makes a decision that’s surprisingly, almost upsettingly selfish. To be fair, Marley acts under the influence of manipulative frenemy Kitty, but don’t be surprised if it weakens one third of the love triangle she’s currently navigating.

What "upsetting" decision do you think Marley makes at the end of "Dynamic Duets", and what kind of scene will Blaine have the Warblers?

Source: TVLine