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Glee Season 4 Episode 4 "The Break Up" Spoilers: Super Sad

Glee Season 4 Episode 4 "The Break Up" Spoilers: Super Sad

Last Minute Spoilers! E! Online shared that tonight's new Glee has a "real doozy" of a Wemma scene that ends in either Will or Emma "storming out". Yikes. The good news is (can there be good news in a Glee episode called, "The Break Up"??), each couple in question will get some of those "adorable flashback moments".

KSiteTV shared this recent promo photo from season 4 episode 4 of Glee, "The Break Up" of Kurt (Chris Colfer), and it's not exactly a happy photo. Which kind of fits because it's not exactly a happy episode.

BuddyTV pre-screened the episode and confirms that the episode is one of Glee's most dramatic hours - but that it's also one of Glee's best dramatic hours. Though that doesn't mean we have nothing to worry about because of course we all know that impending doom is on the horizon for one or more of our favorite Glee couples.

So what should we be expecting from this week's new Glee? Other than tons of "super sad" tear-jerking moments, of course. John Kubicek of BuddyTV tossed out some spoilers for us:

  • "Everyone cries, even during the songs (there's a near Tina-style breakdown during one of them)."

  • "Santana feels the same way about Kurt landing a job at as I do, so I instantly adore her. The only bad thing is that Santana and new Head Bitch Cheerio Kitty are in the same place at the same time and DON'T have an epic throwdown like they should."

  • "It's startling how different the show feels with [Finn's] return and he's better than he's ever been. And don't fear, we learn all about where he's been, how that Army thing worked out, and there's a pretty obvious set-up for what his immediate future might be."

  • " of the more touching interactions comes between brothers Finn and Kurt. Their relationship has evolved a lot and it's sweet to see them together again."

  • "Blaine's acoustic rendition of "Teenage Dream" is even better in the episode than it sounds online."

  • "It's hard to tell how many couples actually break up, but it's more than one. And other couples may not technically break up, but they're definitely on rocky ground."

  • "The show references the popular book series Left Behind. And if you think that's a little too on the nose as a metaphor, you're not wrong."

  • "...Ryan Murphy's writing makes some characters come out of the episode with a LOT less blame than they should thanks to some random, out-of-character plot twists."

  • "...the episode features some flashbacks to very, VERY memorable scenes [from season 1]."

Sounds like we better be heading out for that extra box of tissue right now. What Glee couples are you rooting for this episode?

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