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Glee Season 4 Episode 21 Spoiler: Katey Sagal Plays Artie's Mom!

Glee Season 4 Episode 21 Spoiler: Katey Sagal Plays Artie's Mom!

Updated Spoilers! According to E! Online, Ryan Murphy & Co. have plans for Artie's mom beyond her episode this season, should Glee get picked up for a season 5. Oh, and she won't be singing this first time around. :( But! There are plans to utilize Katey Sagal's singing voice on the show in the future.

"We told you that Katey Sagal is guest starring as Artie's mom, but did you also know that the powers that be at Glee have big plans for her next season? If Glee gets a fifth season, that is. She won't be singing in her upcoming episode, but we hear that Ryan Murphy and Co. are working on a big song for her. As for Artie's dad, no plans to see him yet. Which is a bummer, because Kevin McHale told us he's been pushing for Harry Connick Jr. to play his dad from the very beginning."

Gleeks, Artie's mom is only two episodes away!! When Glee creator, Ryan Murphy announced over Twitter that Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy, Married with Children, Futurama) would be playing Artie's mom, all we Artie fans could think was: when. Needless to say, Kevin McHale is excited.

It's since been confirmed that the episode in question will be episode 21 of season 4 - "Wonder-ful" - and all we know about the episode is that Artie will get some news about his future, that will also apparently affect his mom.

And yep, Katey Sagal has a singing voice - she was once a backup singer for Bette Midler and also occasionally sings on Sons of Anarchy. Think she'll be singing on Glee...? :)