Glee Season 4 Episode 19 “Sweet Dreams” Spoiler: Rachel Meets a Broadway Producer!

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March 26, 2013

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New Spoiler! E! Online just scooped that

Glee is looking to cast an opera singer than can show off her amazing pipes in episode 19.”

Think this could have some sort of connection to Rachel meeting a Broadway producer in the same episode?

Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry might have her plate pretty much full, what with navigating almost-Brody-babies and Santana sneaking around her and Kurt’s loft. Not to mention NYADA (oh yeah…that’s what we came to New York for!).

But it sounds like things will be looking up for Rachel fairly soon because a big Broadway producer will enter the picture in season 4 episode 19, “Sweet Dreams”.

“…it seems like Rachel might be too busy becoming a Broadway star to focus on her love life right now! Expect to meet a Broadway producer in Glee’s 19th episode, one who could be sticking around for some time.”

Also sounds like it’s suggesting this Broadway producer could be a recurring character, does it not? Do you think he (or she?) will see something special in Rachel, or will this new character be another foil for our Miss Berry?

Source: E! Online