Glee Season 4 Episode 14 “I Do” Spoilers: Something Crazy Goes Down During the Valentine’s Episode

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February 8, 2013

As far as Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode next week we’ve heard spoilers about a wedding, McKinley grads coming back, and that Dot-Marie Jones’ Coach Bieste won’t be making an appearance in said episode, “I Do” (sad face).

Now E! Online is here to tell us that something “big” and “crazy” will be going down in the very same episode.

“Something big goes down during the V-Day episode that sets up a pretty crazy situation that will be explored in the following episode. Vague enough for you? Sorry, can’t say more than that.”

The following episode being season 4 episode 15, “Girls (and Boys) On Film” (read up on spoilers here).

A “big surprise” concerning the wedding has been spoiled before, could that be what this new spoiler is talking about?

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