Glee Season 4 Episode 13 Episode Title Spoiler: Will We Meet Rachel’s…

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February 1, 2013

You might remember the spoiler about Rachel (Lea Michele) coming face to face with a New York foe other than Kate Hudson’s Miss Cassandra July this season.

Well, she’s going to be a diva, and it sounds like we could be seeing this new character within the next few Glee episodes because season 4 episode 13 will be called:


Although I bet it won’t be as cool a “diva-off” as Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel’s back in season 1, but hey. We can dream, right?

Do you think this episode will mark the first appearance of Rachel’s new adversary?

Source: SpoilerTV Episode Database

  • Mary Louise

    And hey… It is Jessica Sanchez of American Idol Season 11that they’r referring to as DIVA. Hmmm. Rachel Vs Jessica? WOW. I never thought i’d watch two of my favorites as enemies.

  • Mary Louise

    DIVA? Glee Season 4? Episode 13? Gosh! That’s no other than Jessica Sanchez!

  • Jane


  • Carly Rose

    Sooo Jessica Sanchez is the DIVa? Wow an entire episode dedicated to her? Hmm.

  • Mishell

    Is this true? GOssssssh! Im so excited to see Jessica ! :) and her voice.

  • Cathy

    Is this the episode referred to by Murphy as the Streisand Episode? Jesssica Sanchez !!!

  • Kayla Machelle Burchett

    I hope it is Jessica Sanchez! She will be so jealous of the relationship that stirs between Finn and her, although she does have Brody… she should let Finn be happy with someone else for a while even though we all know that Finchel won’t be over forever! =))