Glee Season 4 Episode 12 “Naked” Spoilers: The Glee Guys Get Buff

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January 28, 2013

So, what exactly is going on in season 4 episode 12 of Glee, “Naked”? Other than Rachel (Lea Michele) possibly going topless, of course. (Wait, you didn’t hear about that?)

Becca Tobin (Kitty) told TVLine a little bit about what the boys would be doing in “Naked”.

Lastly, Episode 12, “Naked,” focuses on the guys as they get involved in ‘a little fundraiser fun for the glee club,’ Tobin teased. ‘It’s very much about the boys getting buff and tanned and bronzed…. Chord [Overstreet, as Sam] really spearheads the ‘beefcake’ number, and it’s pretty hilarious.’”

Glee knows how much we love a shirtless Sam. What do you think, the glee club’s going to get a little more money-flow this McKinley school year, huh?