Glee Season 4 Episode 11 “Sadie Hawkins” Spoiler: What Guy Does Sugar Ask?

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January 11, 2013

With Rory (Damian McGinty) gone, you’d think it’d be all Sugar-and-Artie up in here again, wouldn’t you? But based on what Vanessa Lengies is saying, it sounds like we may be surprised by how things turn out for Sugar in season 4 episode 11, “Sadie Hawkins”.

“The first new episode back, ‘Sadie Hawkins,’ was a hot topic for others. Vanessa Lengies said the girl-asks-guy dance ‘starts off rough’ for Sugar, though ‘she really turns it around, finds herself and she asks who she wants in the end.’”

Will it be Kevin McHale’s Artie?

“Kitty, meanwhile, will zero in on one fella after spending the first half of the season shopping around. ‘She usually does the ‘Flavor of the Week’ thing, but there’s a strong flavor at Sadie Hawkins,’ Tobin told [TVLine]. ‘I think people are going to like it. It’s an unlikely duo.’”

Who do you think will be Kitty’s “flavor of the week” for Sadie Hawkins, and how do you think things will turn out by the end of the episode for Sugar?