Glee Season 4 Couples Scoop! Sam's a McKinley Bachelor

Glee Season 4 Couples Scoop! Sam's a McKinley Bachelor

Sam as in Chord Overstreet Sam (although it's never a bad thing to hear about Glee Project's Sam Larsen as Joe Hart). So what's this about Sam being a McKinley bachelor this season? He's on the prowl, ladies. According to Chord himself about Sam in season 4:

"I'm on the prowl at McKinley. I'm living up the bachelor-ness right now and I may take a trip up to Yale. I may go to California."

But while Sam may be living up his new bachelor status (don't give up hope on Samcedes though - or even Quinn & Sam!), there are still some Glee couples we got to worry about. Except for maybe Finn and Rachel, who are temporarily broken up with life pulling them in opposite directions. But Kurt and Blaine? Totally a go. At least, that's what we're hoping. Darren Criss on the other hand, is hoping to shake things up a bit with Klaine.

“It’s weird when you’re in a relationship and someone graduates, or there are ‘locational’ shifts. So I should hope that they deal with that obstacle like any couple has to. It’s good to have speed bumps, so it’ll be nice to have those this year. Chris [Colfer] and I are verging on ‘old married couple’ status, so it will be nice to shake it up a bit.”

Even our Wemma wedding is put on hold! Mr. Ryan Murphy, you're lucky we're die-hard Gleeks. Matt Morrison told TVLine that there's still no date set for Will and Emma getting married, although Matt's with the fans in pulling for it to be this season. As far as anyone knows, the writers are focusing on the core group of teen characters for now.

The couple Chord Overstreet is personally pulling for?

"You never know. I [Sam] could fall in love with Sue Sylvester and be completely hooked. That is what I'm rooting for."

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