Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: New Love Interest for Rachel (Gasp!)

Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: New Love Interest for Rachel (Gasp!)

Last we left Finchel, Finn surprise double-teamed Rachel with a New York-bound train and his own personal new direction. While we're hoping Mr. Ryan Murphy hasn't given up on these two quite yet, there has been news via TV Guide of Rachel getting some interest from another guy while attending NYADA.

"In the new season, Rachel heads to New York to attend New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, where she meets Brody Weston (Dean Geyer of Australian Idol, Terra Nova), a handsome upperclassman who shows an interest in her."

The good news though (I know Finchel fans, can there be such a thing?) is that Glee co-creator and writer, Ian Brennan says that Brody's not so bad. Really. Plus, Rachel hasn't totally forgotten about Finn.

"Rachel has moved cities, but hasn't quite moved on, and is caught in that period between being a teenager and being an adult," he says, "So [Finn's] at the forefront of her mind, all the while the rest of her life is totally changing."

Ian does tell us though, that when Glee returns with new episodes, nobody will have heard from Finn, making his whole story line a mystery for now. So Finn and Finchel fans alike might have to sit tight for a short while before anything concrete happens on that front.

So other than upperclassman Brody, what else will Rachel be doing in New York? You know, besides studying and singing and stuff. Well, it has to do with...ballerinas! As reported by E! Online:

"The third episode back will revolve heavily around some serious ballerinas in New York City. We're not sure if they'll be rivals of Rachel's or friends, but it's possible that the new ballet gals could be sticking around for longer than an episode."

These "serious ballerinas" must mean business. Who do you think they are in Rachel's new life in New York? And are you just a little curious about this new guy, Brody - or, like Rachel, are you still stuck on Finn? Share in the comments!