Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: Bette Midler to Guest!

Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: Bette Midler to Guest!

In the wake of snagging American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez for a recurring arc on Glee this season, creator Ryan Murphy has since gotten another big star to agree to a guest spot...and it could be as Rachel's grandmother.

"Last night at a charity event for God’s Love We Deliver, honoree Ryan Murphy took a few minutes on stage to ask party attendee Bette Midler if she would appear on Glee. Luckily, Murphy and Midler live blogged the negotiations via their respective Twitter accounts...."

Bette of course was thrilled by the invitation, even though Ryan had no idea if she would say yes or not.

"I just asked the incredible Bette Midler to be on Glee in front of 1,000 people. I hope she says yes!"

But that first tweet was quickly followed by another from Ryan:

"Bette said yes! Amazing. I am plotting...who should she play?"

Over Twitter, Bette said herself that she had "one vote for Rachel's grandmother". What Glee role would you like to see Ryan create for Bette Midler this season?

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