Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: New Lead Warbler to Lure Blaine Back to Dalton

Glee Season 4 Casting Spoiler: New Lead Warbler to Lure Blaine Back to Dalton

Since Kurt (Chris Colfer) left Lima for New York and left poor Blaine (Darren Criss) all alone to fend for himself at McKinley, he's actually kind of doing okay with all his clubs and new straight bud, Sam (Chord Overstreet). But could there ever be a small chance that Blaine will leave McKinley to return to Dalton Academy?

TVLine and Zap2It report that Glee has cast Nolan Gerard Funk (Spectacular!, The House at the End of the Street) to play the new leader of Blaine's old Warbler "pips" who will make an attempt to take Blaine back to win at Nationals.

Canadian actor-singer Nolan Gerard Funk — whose credits include the Nickelodeon musical Spectacular! and the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie — is joining the cast of Glee as the Warblers’ new frontman, Hunter, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Hunter’s first order of business? Luring ex-Warbler Blaine back into the fold so they can win a national championship. (And in case you’re wondering, that’s all Hunter wants with Blaine; a source confirms that the newbie is straight.)

But while Hunter may not be an immediate threat to Klaine, if Blaine ends up going back to Dalton to perform with the Warblers, what will this mean for the show?

As far as we know, Darren Criss (Blaine) isn't going to have his Glee regular status revoked any time soon, so does this mean that Hunter will be unsuccessful in his Blaine-snatching? (Who else wants to see this guy team up with Grant Gustin's Sebastian?)

Nolan will start his arc on Glee in season 4 episode 7, "Dynamic Duets". Share your thoughts on this new addition to the recurring Glee cast!

Photo credit: TVLine