Glee Season 4: Actor Max Alder Has Hope for Dave Karofsky

Glee Season 4: Actor Max Alder Has Hope for Dave Karofsky

I'm sure we've all heard by now that Glee co-creator and executive producer, Brad Falchuk happened to mention that he felt Dave Karofsky's storyline on the show was finished. While that doesn't necessarily mean that Glee will never revisit Karofsky's character, it certainly doesn't give Dave fans any hope, does it?

But even though Brad doesn't envision Karofsky's story continuing on Glee, actor Max Adler says he believes there definitely could be more of a story to tell.

Reflecting on what was possibly his final appearance, after Dave attempted suicide, Adler acknowledges “in the flash-forward scene in the hospital, they do show you that he can be happy and he’ll meet a man of his dreams and have a boy and be successful. So they do kind of tie things up in a nice way. But I’m in love with the character and as the actor, I would have always like to see more.” For example? “I would have liked to see how he deals with his parents afterwards and where he ends up going to school, if his relationship with Kurt continues…,” the actor offers. With a nod to Season 4?s Big Apple-based narrative, he adds: “Maybe Karofsky will pop up in New York! We’ll see.”

If the past is any indication, Glee boss, Ryan Murphy is certainly not above listening to any ideas the actors on his show might have. So who knows. Maybe Karofsky will be popping up on Glee in the near future, after all.

Source: TVLine