Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Will There Be Wemma and Finchel Weddings?

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Will There Be Wemma and Finchel Weddings?

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Wemma fans witnessed the proposal of a lifetime in season 3 episode 10, "Yes/No" - and E! Online makes a pretty good point in saying that fans of Will and Emma already waited a long while for the two to just make their relationship official - but "wet 'n wild" proposal aside, could Wemma fans have another wait in store for the actual wedding? Emma's Jayma Mays at least knows what she would like to see:

"I feel like it could come really soon," Mays says about her onscreen wedding to Morrison. "And then I feel like, 'oh, maybe they'll hold us out for another year,' but I'd like to see it happen this year."

Although Jayma's all for a Wemma wedding in the near Glee future, it still doesn't change the fact that she's a little nervous...and for a reason you might be able to guess.

"I'm really worried because you know that she's still a virgin, so the second that I found that out I was like, 'Oh no, what are they going to make me do on camera?' I'm going to start sweating from nerves just thinking about it right now, and I need to start doing sit-ups."

Sit-ups? Oh Jayma, you're just about as cute as Emma herself! When do you think we'll see (or when would you like to see) Emma finally walk down the aisle?

And what about Rachel, will she and Finn be going through with a wedding of their own anytime soon? Lea Michele did tweet about a "white dress"...:

"Had a fitting for #Glee tonight for a very very white dress.... :)”

But, as Wetpaint Entertainment points out, it could very well just be the "white" Regionals outfit for New Directions and Lea's just teasing us. Then again, what's this talk about a "sudden decision" Finn and Rachel make in regards to their future? Could this lead to a jam-packed Glee episode full of Regionals, Warblers, and an impromptu wedding?

Wait, Warblers? Yes, the Warblers will be back - for Regionals! What, you didn't think Sebastian was kidding about that, did you?

Look out for the big Regionals episode to air February 21 - and look down below for the comments, where you can share your thoughts on the two weddings, and Regionals!