Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Will Finn Follow Rachel to Broadway?

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October 19, 2011


I’m not really an avid Finchel fan, and even I’ve been curious about how Rachel and Finn are going to make their relationship work post-high school. Not to be a downer, but Quinn did have a point once upon a time. We all know Rachel’s ideal dream of their future together, but what about Finn? Actor Cory Monteith speaks a little on the situation:

“Finn is still interested in singing and performing but he’s not sure if he’s good enough to make the big break to Broadway.”

Could Finn’s doubts be the only thing standing in his way? Possibly. But I have a sneaking suspicion it has more to do with his own dreams.

Speaking of dreams, a big moment Brittana fans have long been dreaming of is coming up soon. Check out that, and more spoilers, right here:

  • Brittany and Santana will definitely be getting together and be of “official relationship” status. But if you’re worried about the mush level reaching beyond Wemma heights, it won’t be as if *bam*, they’re a couple now. We’ll be seeing a sweet scene between them, and if I know Glee, I’m sure it will be everything we Brittana Gleeks have been waiting for.
  • Santana will be getting some Sugar (no, Brittana fans…not that kind of sugar). Santana will be teaming up with Sugar Motta, probably to be doing some serious New Directions damage.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, the Glee cast is recording another Christmas album this year, but there hadn’t been any word as to whether or not there would also be another Christmas episode – now it’s been confirmed. There will be another holiday-themed Glee episode airing this December, and I hear it will most likely be the same episode directed by Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester).
  • A character we haven’t seen since season 1 will be making his/her appearance in the next new episode (episode 4 of season 3, “Pot O’ Gold”). Place your guesses on who!
  • Something is amiss in the relationship department for one of these three couples: Mercedes-and-Marcus, Tina-and-Mike, or Will-and-Emma. Yikes!

Head for the comments to discuss Finchel, Brittana, and which relationship you think might have some troubled waters ahead.

Sources: Cory Monteith Daily (original source: Inquirer Entertainment), TV Line, E! Online

  • guest

    Matt or Ken Tanaka

  • Glee

    I say karosky

  • Glee

    Sorry since season one? I say yes Matt or ken?

  • Glee Soundtrack

    I had my bets on Ken too, but Matt would be a nice welcome surprise for me! I miss Dijon Talton….

  • guest

    Isn’t Mercedes boyfriends name Shane?

  • Mandm3kat

     Brian Ryan.. AHHHHHHHHH.. OMG i hope soo :)

  • Dione Voyatzis

    in episode 5 a person that comes back is Karofsky, coz he runs into Kurt and Blaine in a gay bar.. but i dont know who’s coming back in episode 4, maybe its Ken Tanaka and maybe that starts something between Will and Emma?? but who knows?? cant wait for November 1st!! :D

  • Dione Voyatzis

    yeah, thats what i thought.. i think Marcus is his name in real life, so maybe they wrote the wrong name or something.. :)

  • Dione Voyatzis

    yeah, thats what i thought.. i think Marcus is his name in real life, so maybe they wrote the wrong name or something.. :)

  • Rosebud

    I totally think it’s Ken Tanaka and that he comes back and sees Coach Beiste and falls in love with her, since there was a spoiler about her getting a secret admirer! They would be a cute couple!

  • Neekolewilliams

    Omg I hate reading spoilers but I cant help it!! AH!!