Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Update on Glee Project Debuts!

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September 16, 2011

It’s official. We now have some more info (finally!) on the details of when and where all our Glee Project winners will appear in season 3. Some I’ve already mentioned, another is a complete surprise, and one Ryan Murphy is still swearing the entire cast to secrecy (or so we assume). But did you hear the latest? Apparently Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) stated (under oath and all) on Jay Leno that he will actually be staying on the show:

I know, I know. Who do we believe? Read on for the down-low on The Glee Project kids:

  • Damian McGinty: He’ll be playing Irish foreign exchange student, Rory who’s living with Brittany S. Pierce and driving Santana crazy with jealousy. Damian’s set to make his season 3 debut in episode 4, and he’ll be back for another six episodes.
  • Lindsay Pearce: I’m going to take a stab at it and guess that she’ll be auditioning for New Directions because she’ll be appearing in the season 3 premiere to belt it out. (See our season 3, episode 1 song spoilers, I think her song may be in there, if I’m not mistaken….) Lindsay will appear in one other episode this season, making it a total of two episodes for season 3.
  • Alex Newell: It still has not been said (and probably not yet decided) when runner-up Alex Newell will make his appearance. Like Lindsay, Alex is also set to appear in two episodes in season 3.
  • Samuel Larsen: Don’t worry, he’s coming! Just not till later. Sam will make his own big debut in episode 10 or 11, as a – wait for it…relative of Puck’s (Mark Salling). How way cool is that? Samuel will be appearing on the show for a total of seven episodes, same as Damian.

And one non-Glee Project-related spoilers…:

  • I’ve heard Santana (Naya Rivera) is going to be the one breaking free from the glee club (previously I had assumed it would be Ashley Fink’s character, Lauren Zizes). Ryan Murphy assures us though, that Santana’s not gone for good. Any thoughts on whether this might be Brittany-related?

In other Gleeky news, Ryan Murphy’s still a little shell-shocked from the “snowball” effect his big spoiler about the season 3 seniors had on his fans. “‘I will never again say people are leaving,’ Murphy declared, smiling. But he turned serious when admitting that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to discuss the idea of a spinoff with so many people in Hollywood, which led to an explosion of stories about the show’s future and what it could mean to seniors Rachel, Kurt and Finn….”

Talk about your favorite Glee Project winner in the comments! Who’s with me in looking forward to seeing Damian on the show?

Sources: Zap2It, NBC, Entertainment Weekly

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    Alex already made his debut didnt he?? Because he is NOT opposed to dressing like a girl, I thought he played the bigger black girl in the skank squad, just didnt have any lines

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    The black girl in the shanks also plays on Good Luck Charlie on Disney channel. They might have done that to be funny cuz some people confused her for Amber Riley

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