Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Some Racy Romance Brewing

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November 1, 2011


After tonight’s new Glee, “Pot O’ Gold”, the November 8 installment (episode 5) brings a couple new developments on the rise for Kurt and Blaine – one of which is new gay Warbler, Sebastian. His actor Grant Gustin gives us a little bit more Klaine scoop to tide us over:

“We don’t really know yet if I’m going to split them up yet, but this is ending their honeymoon phase and making them more like the rest of the couples on the show. I think it’s important to show, because it’s not like there’s couples and gay couples,” he says.

Also to happen in episode 5, “The First Time” is not only Kurt and Blaine’s “first” but Rachel and Finn’s too, and it’s been kind of unclear exactly how hot and heavy things will get on-screen (although according to Lea Michele, pretty hot at least). The raciness of said scenes hasn’t been confirmed, but what has been confirmed is this: protection (yes as in condoms) will be involved.

And last but not least for Puck fans. There’s been some uncertainty about whether or not the Shelby-Puck thing in the near Glee future will be serious or just for kicks, and it’s being said that it’s totally serious. What with Puck’s older lady past from his pool cleaning days and all. What hasn’t been said though is how long it will last, and since Shelby is Beth’s adoptive mother, I’m thinking the verdict will be: not too long. Besides, Quinn will probably kill him first.

What’s your favorite romantic development on the way for Glee?

Sources: Zap2It, E! Online

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  • Evie

    this is pertaining to the Puck/Shelby incident..i really dont know what to think about this biggest fear right now is if something does happen between shelby and puck that Quinn will find out and use it against Shelby and Beth will be taken away..i really dont like this quinn going pyscho to get Beth back…Beth belongs with Shelby..i would like a happy ending but i dont know if it will happen with this storyline.

  • Evie

    oh and btw Klaine all the way babies!!  lol

  • Frogger197

    Finchel 4 eva!

  • veganhothead

    I still like the idea of Shelby and Puck (Shuck?)

  • Tlgonzal

    I don’t like the shelby/puck thing. Shelby is Rachel and Beth’s mom AND she’s a teacher- he’s a student. Really bad, inappropriate story line.

  • Phoebe_26_87

    i want puck and quinn to revisit their feelings, sometimes it seems like they dont genuinely care for eachother, but then there are moments when you see they really do. i think this story line would be amazing to see. i hope the shelby / puck thing isnt serious, as it is a bit of an innapropriate story line, her being beth’s adopted mother and also rachels mother. I think its about time they let quinn be happy in a storyline for once, let puck and her establish a relationship instead of killing it before it gets anywhere 

  • SaraLee

    i think puck and quinn are in love!!! LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP!! so much sexual tension between them! 

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  • Gaga00

    i looooooove puck & quinn! i want them to get together!!! and maybe have another baby?!!! then they could try properly at being a family and raising the new baby!