Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Rory Has a "Blue Christmas"

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Rory Has a "Blue Christmas"

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Rory Flanagan (played by Glee Project's Damian McGinty) may have acted tough in front of Santana with Finn by his side, but we all know he's just a homesick little Irish puppy-dog on the inside.

If you've heard the tracks off the second Glee Christmas album, you know that Rory's going to be having quite the "Blue Christmas" in season 3 episode 9, a.k.a. Glee's season 3 Christmas episode (although who could be blue with Chewbacca around!):

“It’s just all about him growing up at the minute,” [Damian] McGinty says. “He’s very young compared to everyone — he’s such a kid. So it’s going to be a whole journey for him. It’s probably going to relate to a lot of people.”

Before we get to Christmas though, there's a few other spoilers to whet our Gleeky appetites:

  • Word is that Santana's abuela (Garbageface-calling grandma) has been cast and will be played by Ivonne Coll (The Godfather: Part II). Thoughts? We'll be seeing her first appearance in next week's episode, "I Kissed a Girl".
  • Remember that much-hyped young-Broadway-Sue flashback we were supposed to see in last week's episode, "Mash Off"? Oh, yeah.... Lucky for us, even though it got cut from the episode in the end, Ryan Murphy and co. have a plan for it in the form of either a DVD extra or online segment called, How Sue Sylvester Became a Bitch. Lovely title that.
  • And the biggest news of all...there's a proposal on the way! Yep, we knew that - but this time we know the who! The first episode of the new year is called, "The Proposal", and (Wemma fans, this is for you), it will be a "big one for Will and Emma".

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