Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Regionals Moments and Cliffhangers

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Regionals Moments and Cliffhangers

One cliffhanger anyway, and there's lots of speculation going down about it. What's happening, is it for real, and does it involve Finchel? Well, what if I told you it might be neither of those three?

It's pure speculation at this point, but Wetpaint Entertainment has dug up some maybe-dirt via Tumblr and Dianna Agron's (Quinn) Twitter, on Glee's potential cliffhanger coming up next episode with Regionals:

"Rumors abound in the Tumblrverse that Glee was recently filming a car accident, and there are pics that sorta prove it. Take, for instance, one that surfaced late last week, set in a faux-Lima countryside along a stretch of lonely road. That setting also just so happens to match the photos tweeted by a particular member of the cast who spent this week’s episode being quite perturbed over the upcoming Finchel nuptials..."

If these photos Dianna tweeted mean anything, this might not be too far off the mark. Kind of scary.

In other Regionals-related news, E! Online has mentioned some "moments" to watch out for in season 3 episode 14, "On My Way". Check 'em out here:

  • First one to look out for, a "shocking moment" - although it does not have anything to (directly) do with Brittany and Santana. Phew. Dodged a Glee bullet there. But there is this:

    "...from what we've heard, there is something major in the very beginning of the episode and something major at the very end."

  • There's a Wemma moment, and it's not just between Will and Emma. The "moment" in question involves three others - yes, three - and it's not exactly a situation you'd anticipate. Confused yet? Yeah, me too.
  • We won't be seeing nor hearing from the Artie-Sugar-Rory love triangle anytime soon - New Directions has Regionals to focus on after all, no time for love now! But expect it to return with a vengeance at some point. You know since Rory wasn't exactly singing the truth to Sugar with his beautiful ballad, "Home".
  • Aside from the next episode, "On My Way", Mr. and Mr. Berry (I'm so glad Finn's sticking around next season) aren't scheduled for any more Glee appearances...yet. But a source from the show did have this to say about Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes-Mitchell as Rachel's dads:

    "They were wildly popular so I wouldn't be surprised to see them again."

Were you thrilled with Rachel's dads, too? Never thought they could show us those characters without breaking the mystery surrounding them, but I must say I was impressed (impromptu dinner theater?? Heck, yeah!). But enough about the Berrys, what about that cliffhanger? Share your own speculations in the comments, below!