Glee Season 3 Spoilers on Klaine, and What’s the Name of Blaine’s Brother?

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February 7, 2012

If you’re a Kurt-and-Blaine fan and you’ve read Watch with Kristin’s “instant scoop” on tonight’s Ricky Martin episode, then you might have felt a little bit sad and a little bit confused about the “teeny-tiny moment (with Rachel)” Kurt has in the episode about a subtle uncertainty about ever marrying Blaine.

But don’t worry, as far as we know, the marriage topic is as far as it goes and Kurt has no plans to break it off with Blaine anytime soon, as E! Online confirms:

“Blaine and Kurt are still very much a couple and there aren’t any plans right now to break them up.”

And hey, we now know the actual name of Blaine’s brother! In an upcoming season 3 episode, Matt Bomer will make a guest (possibly recurring?) appearance on Glee as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother by the name of Cooper. It’s also being spoiled that the show is casting some younger versions of Matt and Darren, for a certain type of scene…:

“…we also get a flashback to their childhood! Sources tell us they are casting the roles now. Who doesn’t want to see a young Darren Criss and a young Bomer?”

How young do you think Glee will go, and which young actors would you like to see cast in the roles? (Psst…wouldn’t it be so awesome if Kellen “Mini Warbler” Sarmiento was a little mini actor too? Then again, might be kind of difficult to explain a little Asian Blaine…).

  • Guest

    So Matt Bomer is going to play Cooper Anderson? Is that on purpose?

  • quel qu’un

    Was Cooper Anderson named after Anderson Cooper, the CNN newscaster?

  • guest

    well, darren criss who plays blaine is of asian descent (his mother is filippino just like the mini-warbler) – i find it more awkward that his brother will be played by someone who has no asian ancestry…

  • Phevisto

    Darren Criss has an asian blood.. he’s half Filipino

  • Personne vivante

    I thought I was the only one who made the link!