Season 3 the Best Season Yet? More Spoilers!

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May 27, 2011


Co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk is under the impression that Glee‘s season 3 could very well be the best season yet and after the build-up of season 1, and season 2 finding its footing, I’m thinking I have a hunch he’s not too far off.

But what was up with New Directions losing? I’m a bit of a drama-TV-sadist when it comes to potential story and character possibilities, so I wasn’t too shocked or disappointed by it. But that doesn’t mean other Gleeks weren’t. Brad explains:

“They’re not ready yet. I think there’s something about them winning that deflates things oddly. We knew what was going to happen. It’s not even that they lost but they didn’t even make that top 10. That’s how unprepared they were. That’s how unfocused they were. I kinda liked that. To me, if they make it to the top 10 after they’re so clearly not focused, they’re clearly not invested because they all have other things going on — it would have been a little disingenuous.”

Ah, realism. How refreshing. Speaking of, here are some more season 3 spoilers to wet your palate:

  • The Glee bosses (Ryan, Ian, and Brad) will start breaking stories for season 3 at the end of June – and not just them, either. The three are looking into hiring more writers on staff to get some fresh new voices.
  • With Rachel seeing the light with Sunshine Corazon (I totally didn’t plan that pun there), there’s been some wondering about Charice/Sunshine returning to McKinley to be with New Directions again. It sounds like the idea is definitely there, but who knows what will go down writing-wise over the summer. So, there is a possibility of Sunshine coming back…but there’s also a strong possibility she might not.
  • What about Sam and Mercedes, and their little secret? They’re not exactly going strong yet, but they are definitely embarking on their journey as a couple (remember the handhold?). After the prom, the writers are kind of interested to see where that will go (as are we! Couple names, anyone?).
  • And…Santana? Bringing Santana out of the closet isn’t something the writers want to jump into just yet. They’ve spent a lot of time on Kurt’s sexuality and his storyline, haven’t they? (Cue Brittany’s acceptance speech!) Which is something they’d also like to, ultimately, do for Santana – so we can look forward to seeing more of her story unfold a little bit in season 3.
  • After all this graduation talk, any possibility of doing a spin-off of the Glee grads in New York in the near future? No talk of anything like that yet, but “big ideas” always abound in the writer’s room, so who knows? (Hit the comments, how many of you guys would love to see something like this?)

Be sure to check out the full Entertainment Weekly interview with Brad Falchuk here, especially for the info on some of the finale scenes they had to leave on the cutting room floor (oh, Wemma fans…).

  • Gmspringers13

    they should make finn, if still interested in her by graduation  follow her to new york.
    then in season four have ab episode dedicated to the character to show how thier live is or somthing like that

  • Guyotter

    Duh it has to be Samcedes and I love them paired together. Mercedes has been pushed as a character and I hope season three will give see her character grow. Plus I think she will embrace Sam’s goofy nature and not expect him to change. I hope they don’t screw this up.

  • Damien Roberts

    I’m with Guy, Samcedes makes the most sense! That said, the only spin-off I’d watch would have to revolve around Rachel running off to New York with Kurt and Mercedes. They’re the three most determined to become stars and they’re the three that are actually able to carry a show. I don’t think any of the other characters have been developed, nor will be developed by the end of the third season.

  • AmyDee

    i can’t wait till season 3 comes back on at the end of the year ! i hope we see finn and rachel unravel in this next season because rachel is determined to go to new york after graduation and i would like to see how finn adapts to realising that he will only being dating her for a year.

  • Nee-Nee

    Think Sam will be leaving the show…..season 2 found him and his family with nothing, and living in a hotel, with luck like that, and the dad picking up and moving on a whim of a good job, since I didn’t see him in the picture with the other actors, I’m assuming they will cut him out, thus ending the sam and mercedes relationship…..maybe this will lead to a broken heart, and they will come up with someone that can hang with mercedes for the long run.

  • Maxxfrizz

    find another love interest for quinn so she wouldn’t go after finn. LET THE FINNCHEL BE IN PEACE PLZZZZZ……… NO MORE BREAKUP N NO MORE DRAMA…………….. it will be the best season ever for finnchel PLZZZZZ..

  • Kendra Barton

    I think They should do a spinn off Series about Kurt/Blaine, with Rachel/Finn in newyork. And I would love it if Karofsky went to NYC and played for the Football team with Finn or something. I love the whole Kur-Blaine-Karofsky Love triangle. I just hope that they dodn’t do a huge thing with Dave coming out of the closet, like…they should have him come out over the Summer and then just seeing how the school reacts as he returns, it would be better that way. But Im looking foreward to Season 3 for SURE!! But theres toomutch Finnchel Drama. They need ot get together and stay together.

  • Abc

    ficnhel <33
    samcedes <3
    artie+britanny <3
    tina+mike <3
    puck+quinn <333(im probably the only one rooting for them)

  • DeDe Puckerman

    Wuju!!! cant wait for next season

  • Aliefe Luthfi

    Well , I think it would be great year !! Season 3 … Can’t wait 1!! 

  • Taylor

    I loved the new relationship. I laughed my butt off when my friend sent me a text saying “OMG Troutcedes!!”

  • B-nasgleek

    ok i dont care cuz its gonna be amazing anyway
    but i need to know WILL THERE BE SEASON 4 & 5 OR MORE???

  • Laurenmansley

    as long as there is blaine/kurt action, i am happy :)

  • guest

    Idea for a spin-off:
    Santana and Karofsky are roommates living in the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco.

  • asdfghjkatl;’

    Finchel drama has gotta be over.
    I’d love it.
    Tho Glee won’t be complete with Sue trying to destroy the glee club.
    I mean she’s running for what again?

  • Jaziyee Edgley


  • WIllisMontana

    omg,, nooo spin offs.

    I want to audition for glee when im old enough :) so just like 3 more seasons. lmao.

  • MaddieK

    I am rooting for ALL these couples! I loved Quinn and Puck, and Artie and Brittany were the BEST!!
    I also ADORE Blaine and Kurt. 
    But to be honest, I don’t really care about Sam and Mercedes, haha!

  • Toosweetx3

    Think about it like this..In season one Finn wanted Rachel to stay on New Directions, not only because he cared about her but also because he applied for a music scholarship. I don’t think Finn is exactly going to be following Rachel to New York I think they are both going to end up going together due to Rachel’s talent and Finn ending up in New York some where off a music/football scholarship. 

  • Attudite26

    I think its time for Mercedes to finally get a guy
    And Sam is a totally nice guy, so they are adorable together!
    Can’t wait to see the whol graduation idea!
    Like if you think that Samcedes and Klaine are cute couples :P

  • Attidute26

    Same, but how can u not love Samcedes??

  • Attitude26

    I hope so, but doubt it, because they were talking about graduation next year.. so yeh :’(

  • Scruffffffffff

    I want Jesse to stay. I love him :)

  • Blair

    OMG those are all the couple i want to happen; well f/r meh, but they’re okay…

  • jamiee.

    I’m probably going to be hated by 95% of fans around the world for saying this, but I’m sick of finchel! as much as i don’t like quinn and finn either, ultimately those two are the most suited because they are both selfish and care too much about their popularity (admittedly quinn is more obvious about it). i am sick of watching an ambitious girl like rachel seem to throw everything out the window when it looks like finn might give her the time of day – if i wanted to be all about promoting messages, i dont think that sends the right message… when rachel is not caught up on finn (ie when he is with quinn) you can see that girl who is determined to fulfill her dreams, but when she is with finn, its all about keeping her boyfriend..
    i do love chang squared and artie and brittany :D

  • misskitty

    yes yes i would love if a spin off with them in new york

  • Jo

    they shouldn’t change the cast because people are relating to the cast & if they change them the show will not be as great as it is now & it shouldn’t be just rachel finn or kurt it should be all of them they should make a storyline of all of the cast 

  • Aoife Mawn

    I think that Sam and Quinn have to be together, they match so well! I hope they cut Lauren, she’s just ugh gross. And I am sick and tired of Finchel (sorry) but it’s on it’s off it’s on again it’s off again and now it’s on again! They should just forget it! But Blaine and Kurt have to stay together!!

  • nathan

    they should do a spin-off of Kurt Blaine Rachel and maybe a couple others and them starting anew in NEW YORK.  And they would add some others who they meet their and its them kind of realising the struggles of artists. It IS LIKE A tv show of rent

  • Ggcrazed828

    I would LOVE to see a continuation of GLEE with just Finn and Rachel and Blaine and Kurt living in NY going to college together:) that would seriously be an amazing show in itself with just those four

  • xOxSpArKgAlXoX

    Samcedes is SOOO cute!

  • Kristy Lantto

    ur not the only one .we need puck and quinn!

  • Kristy Lantto

    quick(need quinn and puck together again)
    mike and tina

  • imsuchagleek

    i really want rachel and finn to stay together! i’m sick of how he can’t decide between her and quinn! (okey fine, he’s with rachel atm) but when he broke up with quinn he said that he still loved her. i don’t want any more of that on season 3… I’m annoyed by the fact that quinn seems like she only wants him to be popular and rachel is like so sweet to him and treats him well…… and it’s sort of confussing that he can’t decide when rachel is clearly the best choise..?

    1. he said quinn was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
    2. when rachel asked him how it felt like to kiss quinn, he said he saw fireworks, and when she asked him what he saw when the kissed, he just smiled..
    3. he said that he would always have feelings for quinn.

     WTF? he always expresses how he feels about quinn, but never how he feels for rachel? suuuure, he said he loved her and that she’s beautiful, but he has said so much more about quinn. so the writers of glee make it seem like he likes quinn the most. but in the end of season 2 he wanted rachel again.. and they didn’t explain why? i understand that he still had feelings for her and stuff, but he also has that for quinn, soooo? ahg
     and now in season 3 finn and rachel are back together. i just hope they don’t find another silly reason to break them up again! i for one think quinn should back off.  am i the only one who feels this way?
    and i think glee has had just about enough of him changing his mind all the time! i hope that rachel and finn stay together the whole season. And i kind of want to see jesse come back and fight for her, so finn realizes that he can’t just switch between rachel and quinn all the time, and that rachel isn’t just a doll he can play with and leave behind and expect it to be there when he wants to play with her again.
    and in the end i want to see rachel going to new york, and finn realizing he can’t live without her and then follow her :)