Season 3 the Best Season Yet? More Spoilers!

Season 3 the Best Season Yet? More Spoilers!

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Co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk is under the impression that Glee's season 3 could very well be the best season yet and after the build-up of season 1, and season 2 finding its footing, I'm thinking I have a hunch he's not too far off.

But what was up with New Directions losing? I'm a bit of a drama-TV-sadist when it comes to potential story and character possibilities, so I wasn't too shocked or disappointed by it. But that doesn't mean other Gleeks weren't. Brad explains:

"They’re not ready yet. I think there’s something about them winning that deflates things oddly. We knew what was going to happen. It’s not even that they lost but they didn’t even make that top 10. That’s how unprepared they were. That’s how unfocused they were. I kinda liked that. To me, if they make it to the top 10 after they’re so clearly not focused, they’re clearly not invested because they all have other things going on — it would have been a little disingenuous."

Ah, realism. How refreshing. Speaking of, here are some more season 3 spoilers to wet your palate:

  • The Glee bosses (Ryan, Ian, and Brad) will start breaking stories for season 3 at the end of June - and not just them, either. The three are looking into hiring more writers on staff to get some fresh new voices.
  • With Rachel seeing the light with Sunshine Corazon (I totally didn't plan that pun there), there's been some wondering about Charice/Sunshine returning to McKinley to be with New Directions again. It sounds like the idea is definitely there, but who knows what will go down writing-wise over the summer. So, there is a possibility of Sunshine coming back...but there's also a strong possibility she might not.
  • What about Sam and Mercedes, and their little secret? They're not exactly going strong yet, but they are definitely embarking on their journey as a couple (remember the handhold?). After the prom, the writers are kind of interested to see where that will go (as are we! Couple names, anyone?).
  • And...Santana? Bringing Santana out of the closet isn't something the writers want to jump into just yet. They've spent a lot of time on Kurt's sexuality and his storyline, haven't they? (Cue Brittany's acceptance speech!) Which is something they'd also like to, ultimately, do for Santana - so we can look forward to seeing more of her story unfold a little bit in season 3.
  • After all this graduation talk, any possibility of doing a spin-off of the Glee grads in New York in the near future? No talk of anything like that yet, but "big ideas" always abound in the writer's room, so who knows? (Hit the comments, how many of you guys would love to see something like this?)

Be sure to check out the full Entertainment Weekly interview with Brad Falchuk here, especially for the info on some of the finale scenes they had to leave on the cutting room floor (oh, Wemma fans...).