Glee Season 3 Spoilers: A “Super-Emotional” Season

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March 2, 2012

When last we left Quinn Fabray, the newly-inducted McKinley High cheerleader got into a tragic car accident en route to the Finchel wedding, and until recently we had no idea if she would even survive.

Spoilers since have confirmed
that Dianna Agron’s character is definitely alive when Glee returns, but perhaps not so well. As seen in recent set photos, Quinn will be wheelchair-bound – although whether she has sustained any permanent injuries, we’ll have to wait until new episodes to find out. We do get to see a couple more behind-the-scenes photos though, tweeted by Life Rolls On.

“Peep @LifeRollsOn’s @BrianaWalker w/@GleeOnFOX’s @DiannaAgron as LRO athletes shot a #skate segment yesterday!”

According to Wetpaint Entertainment, Life Rolls On is “an organization that supports people with spinal cord injury by helping them participate in action sports like surfing, skating, and snowboarding”. Does this mean that it’s more likely Quinn won’t be able to walk again? E! Online reports that she does strike up a friendship with Artie (Kevin McHale) – yep, sorry Quartie shippers, it’s just as friends:

Already with the couple name? Well, that might be a bit premature because for now, Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Artie (Kevin McHale) will only find a friendship with each other. But it’ll be a special one.”

Glee‘s been quite the emotional roller coaster already, and TV Line spoils for us that it can only get more emotional from here:

A Glee insider tells me that Season 3?s final six episodes will be “super-emotional — everyone cries when they read [the scripts] — in a good, satisfying way.”

Must mean there’s a happy ending, right? Discuss Quinn, the accident, and what you’ll expect from the rest of the season in the comments – but first, here’s one final maybe-spoiler for you. John Travolta may or may not be making a special Glee guest appearance in season 3 episode 16, “Saturday Night Glee-ver”. You’re welcome.

  • Maxxfrizz

    what about finchel spoiler????????????????????

  • 12brittany27

    Fuck finn he should be with Quinn
    Otherwise this car accident would never had
    Happened. That’s just my opinion.

  • Alysonrwilliams

    Quinn and Rachel should be together

  • Mary not

    Look I love Quinn but I  want to see her die I mean Glee needs a death and Quinn deserves to go out with a bang.

  • Bcornell950

    I could swear RM promised no guest stars or tribute episodes this season!  WHAT HAPPENED?????  Ricky Martin, Nene, etc.  Now John Travolta?  Whitney Houston tribute ! Saying it will be more integrated into storyline is what they always say, and it never works well.
    As Glee sees its ratings and popularity drop as the show becomes more variety show/afterschool special, why can’t they realize it’s because the original season was subtle, touching, funny and ridiculous all at the same time, while now it’s like most other TV shows about this age group -pandering to the lowest (or almost lowest) common denominator.  Claiming that it’s groundbreaking (gay is ok!  people are different and that’s ok!  handicapped is handicapable!) doesn’t work any more when these admittedly laudable ideas are presented in such a plodding, hit- you- over- the- head, overly talked out way.  Season 1 was loved by viewers and critics because it treated us like adults who could get messages without hearing them expressed in trite, “let’s wrap this up with a 3-line package spoken out-loud” so we can get on to the next musical number.  

  • Gleek

    Hmm well I love Glee but i think it has gone down hill :/ I mean the first seaosn WAS AMAZINGGGG but dang its Still Super super good but im jsut saying it used to be fantastic :/

    BTW Quinn is a B**** but i don’t want her to die!