Glee Season 3 Spoilers: A Sam vs. Shane Showdown, Plus Casting News

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December 8, 2011


With her new man around, Mercedes isn’t very likely to run back to Sam Evans anytime soon (even if he is the yummy White Chocolate). But you gotta admit, Sam was all kinds of adorable in doing his best to talk Mercedes back into being with him last episode (“Hold On to Sixteen”). That won’t be the last time the boyfriend issue comes up either, according to Chord Overstreet (Sam):

“We just shot a scene where I’m talking to Mercedes, and Shane just grabs her mid-conversation and they walk away together,” Overstreet reveals. So, without a word, Shane shows Sam who’s boss? “Basically,” he says.

Frightening. Maybe Sam can impression-talk his way out of this one?

There might to be a showdown of the musical variety here on Glee soon too. It’s been revealed that another member of Santana’s family has been cast – her brother:

EW already broke the news that the Glee character’s mother will be played by none other than Latin superstar Gloria Estefan, but now we can exclusively tell you who’s being wooed to play her brother: rapper Pitbull! Yep, our source tells us that producers are hoping to land the “Give Me Everything” rapper to play Estefan’s son and Rivera’s big bro.

This family even sounds epic. Ricky Martin was previously in talks to guest in the same episode but has since been moved to an episode of his very own. And, as far as casting Glee families goes, there’s news that the crew is looking to cast two parents we’ve been waiting to see for quite a while now:

And now for some scoop that Gleeks have been dying to hear: the show is beginning to cast for… RACHEL’S GAY DADS!!! Yep, it sounds like we will see the much-discussed-but-never-seen-duo by the end of season 3. I mean, they gotta be present for Rachel’s graduation day at the very least.

Are you one of those Berry fanatics who has been looking forward to this very moment since Day 1? What do you think is the best way to introduce Rachel’s dads? Give a holler in the comments!

Sources: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly

  • Ladyluck8797

    you do see them once in the pilot ep…in a picture…a series of pictures actually….

  • Booklover0987

    i have always wanted to see her dads in real life. I love the idea of her gay dads and i want to know how they act. like are they all loving and give rachel everything she wants or are they the type that pushes her to do better. i have read fanfictions with her dads in there and they make me wonder what they are like

  • barrowmanfan

    john barrowman HAS to be her white gay dad

  • Happy123

    watch glee season 3 episode 9 here :]

  • Natalie Mullen

    seems there was a photo shown in the pilot, you would have to cast those same people or at least look alikes. or tru glee fans would notice.

  • Sam&Quinn=Love forever!

    Sam and Quinn kurwa!!!